Sunday, June 20, 2010

6 ways of converting your photos to black and white using Photoshop

In Photoshop there are different ways of doing one thing but the results are not the same. One good example of this is converting a photo to Black and white, and in Photoshop there are 6 ways of doing it.

1. Use grayscale (image > mode > grayscale)

2. Use black and white (image >adjustments > black and white)

3. Use hue and saturation (image >adjustments >hue and saturation> slide saturation towards left)

4. Use channel mixer (image >adjustments >channel mixer)

5. Use desaturate (image >adjustments > desaturate)

6. Use gradient map (image >adjustments >gradient map)>>>>

Comparing all 6 ways I prefer using channel mixer because of the nice contrast and details in the highlights are maintained