Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Care to smell my photo?

Yes! In the follwing years you will be able to take photos and smell it, this is called AROMATOGRAPHY. This is the latest development from Kodak developed by Dr. Harold Museau, PhD. THIS IS NOT A JOKE. According to Kodak website which came out sometime April 2010 this is how aromatography works "Proprietary imaging algorithms create an array of pixels, undetected by the conscious mind, that trigger reactions in the synapses along optic neural processing pathways within the brain to create, the olfactory equivalent of a optical illusion. The nose does not actually detect anything, but the mind experiences the aromas as if they were real. Interestingly, our tests have found that humans have an innate need to 'sniff’ when experiencing Aromatized images even when fully aware that nothing is actually there for their nose to detect."

Dr. Harold Museau, PhD. , inventor of Aromatography

To see the interview with the doctor click the link