Saturday, July 3, 2010

3 ways to a more professional looking photos

1. SET CAMERA TO LOW ISO. A high ISO makes photo with a lot of noise all you need to do is to put it in a lower number such

as 100 to 400. Also remember not to put the ISO option to AUTOMATIC because in a dark scene the camera will automatically put it in a higher ISO.

Taken with High ISO, a lot of noise

Taken with low ISO, smooth and clean image

2. CORRECT CAMERA SHAKE. There are actually 5 ways of eliminating camera shake. The first one is to use a tripod, but of course you wont be carrying one all the time so here are other more instant solutions. Set the ISO to a higher number such as
400 or higher but only do this if noise is acceptable to you. The third is to turn on the flash, only when shooting portraits! THERE IS NO POINT TURNING THE FLASH ON WHEN SHOOTING LANDSCAPES. You may also use your camera's technology by turning on the vibration reduction. Lastly, may also set your camera to a faster shutter speed. You can set your camera to a fast shutter speed by setting the mode to Shutter priority and setting the number to 1/125(125) or faster. Note that without the presence of a tripod, do hold your camera firmly while practicing the tips above.

3. FOCUS PROPERLY. The way to focus properly is to point your camera to your subject then press the shutter button halfway. Wait for the subject to become clear on your viewfinder (at this point the focus is locked, do not release finger, do not move forward or back because you will lose the focus lock), recompose if you want, then press the shutter. In the example below the intention of the photographer is to focus on the subject on the background, instead the photographer pointed the camera in the middle making the man behind the scene in focus.