Wednesday, July 21, 2010

GREAT Photography books on sale in POWERBOOKS!

I love photography books. Its my source for new ideas, new things to test and rekindle myself with old techniques I have forgotten. So after my meeting in Shangri-la mall I hurried to Powerbooks, dug into their pile of photography books and I found 3 gems I bought for myself.

The title says it all, camera bag companion. This is a nice book you can bring everywhere. If you are starting out in photography you can go out of town and never fail to capture great images by appying the lessons inside.

I love this book. It is made for the intermediate photographers, this will prevent your photographer's block because it has lots of project and exercises to choose from, PLUS the techniques to build your skills.

This one is a good investment. Compared to other black and white books this is more comprehensive because it tackles both shooting B&W in film and digital. You will also like the nice dramatic photos used in the book, you can even use it as your source of inspiration.

 I will give updates once I'm done trying the stuff inside!!!