Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New camera to replace panasonic lx3

Concept of new LX model from
It was announced today by (considered as the "THE BUZZ" of micro 4/3s world) that according to their Panasonic is launching a new camera this 2nd week of
JULY to replace the ever famous Panasonic LX3. It is a compact camera with LEICA lens 3x zoom , it will also have a RANGEFINDER type viewfinder with wide and tele markings, and ............. it is in MICRO.....FOUR..... THIRDS! It is also said to have 24mm f/2.0 on the wide angle. Visit for details.

This can or can't be true, but I think its time for Panasonic has to come up with something new because fans have been very eager to see whats next for LX3, it also has been around for years now and its time for an upgrade although its popularity has not decreased since it came out in the market.