Friday, August 13, 2010

Photographer's file #2 - Regie Fernando

I met him 6 years ago, the time when I was getting serious into photography. I must say that he takes good photos with really nice colors and lighting drama. I still remember his photo of a chess board with really nice crispy colors. He is the founder of Pipho, Philippines biggest network of photogrphers with members here and abroad. Read more about him in my slam book.


-Regie Fernando

Place of birth


Online gallery address ,

Photographic age? (How long have you been INTO it?)

-9 years

What is photography?

-Technical and artistic process of producing an image

Favorite subject?


What camera do you use?

5D MarkII, 7D, LX3 and the iPhone

What is most used lens?

17-40 f4, but presently 17mm TS-e

Aside from tripod, flash and laptop, what is your most important camera gadget?

-honestly my iphone, it can give me everything i need of assistance from civil twilight, pegs, even connecting to my studio and home servers.

What type of photography do you like? (portrait, food, street, landscape, wedding etc….) and why?

-All except wedding. Why not wedding? If there is a specialty for pre-nup only i will do it, but for the whole wedding from hotel to reception my powers can't do it.

Who are your photography gods?

-no specifics, but when I started i got inspired from famous galleries on, yes that was before flickr

Favorite composition technique?


What is your most favorite place to shoot?

-Paris and Batanes

The most stupid thing you did as a newbie?

-shoot solo in the streets of Manila with complete gear at night

Tips for newbies who want to be pro

-never stop experimenting, try it all and specialize. Find what  your strengths are and capitalize those advantages

Your photo motto is?

-less is more - by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

* any other stuff you want us to know

Right now, im also into HD-DSLR cinemtography, i've shot 3 music videos for a local and foreign artists and patiently working on my travelscape video documentary that i've been shooting for 2 years from different locations.