Monday, August 9, 2010

Promote yourself in 10 ways


Here is another gem I found in the internet, all about getting pro. These 10 tips will help you promote your photography class A. I hope you like it

1)    Make sure your contact information appears on everything you mail or show to the public.

2)    Expect to contact someone at least seven times before they start to pay attention to you. Sending only one postcard won’t be effective.
3)    Don’t sound needy. Sounding desperate doesn’t motivate people to hire you.
4)    Work out co-marketing agreements with like-minded vendors and share advertising space with other photographers. Even though you risk losing a job to a competitor, you will have more impact by joining forces with another photographer.
5)    Give clients premiums that feature your work and contact information.
6)    Obtain permission to include testimonials from satisfied clients. Use them with your printed materials and as part of your sales pitch.
7)    Use one dramatic photograph with high impact on your marketing pieces instead of several smaller images.
8)    Feature only your best work.
9)    Use the media to spread the word about your photography business and yourself.
10)  Do steps one through nine above over again.