Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Camera Club of the Philippines relaunches site

Camera Club of the Philippines, Asia’s oldest and Philippines’ most prestigious photography club has re-launched its website. Thanks to Nesty Ocampo, the contest committee chairman of CCP for reviving the website....

The site showcases works of different Philippines masters like Rudy de Leon, Raul Montifar, Bien Bautista, Rey Ortiz and other Camera Club Master Photographers. The club is also the hub of today’s known photographers from the web world like, Raul Echivarre, Arnel Murillo, Doc Gerry Sabado, Jerry Tieng and more. The site also features the latest contest entry scores and winning photographs, one of which is mine  (ahem). The club has a very diverse profile from pro photographers, to artists, hobbyists, architects, doctors, lawyers , businessmen, priest and actors.
Being a member of the club is not easy. Aside from being a qualified photographer you must be invited by a club member. You also need to be a probationary member for 12 months and reach a certain score. 
To know more about the club please visit the site