Thursday, September 2, 2010

PORTRAIT CLASSROOM: An Ipad application for photographer

This application is good for newbies who want to quickly get the hang of photography. The application has 10 detailed tutorials that will teach your lighting, camera set up and what to do in photoshop.

- Describes, in simple language, the set up for the portraits (including notes on composition and interacting with the subjects)
- Provides essential details on the camera, lens, ISO, shutter speed and aperture settings used
- Describes the portrait’s natural light and how to replicate it (no external flash systems or lighting are used for the portraits allowing amateur users ease of replication)
- Presents a full range of ‘before and after’ shots showing how the final image was obtained including shots straight out of the camera and through to post processing
- Details the editing steps taken in Adobe Photoshop that will often also apply to Photoshop Elements and similar editing programs

PORTRAIT CLASSROOM has been created for parents, hobbyists, and aspiring semi-pro photographers who want a hands-on guide to taking better pictures of babies and children. For those who have bought a DSLR camera but can’t get photos any better than their point-and-shoot camera, or if they are using their DSLR on ‘green’ auto mode, then this App is for them!

Users of PORTRAIT CLASSROOM will learn how to get professional looking results with their existing camera equipment and learn about additional photography gear, software and resources, much of it inexpensive, that can further enhance their portraits. Many of the tips included in the App can be applied to point-and-shoot cameras as well, though the App is geared more towards DSLR cameras.

Download the Portrait Classroom iPad App at the iTunes store or via: