Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Turn your Panasonic GF1 into a pinhole camera

Here is a cool gadget found in ebaY. Its a pancake lens kit from SKINK HOLE to convert your Panasonic GF1 into a pinhole camera.

Some details:

The modular Skink Pinhole Pancake System is the ideal addition to your camera and offers new creative opportunities to the photo enthusiast.
Pinhole disks, zone plates or zone sieves - also in combination with suitable filters can easily be swapped and installed between the retaining rings in the center of the Pancake lens.
Depending on the desired effect, you can use your camera as a pinhole-, zone plate- or zones sieve camera. To a high degree the installed aperture determines how your vision is creatively interpreted in rendering an image. The traditional pinhole creates relatively sharp images with exposure times ranging from one second to several minutes. With a zone plate or zone sieve however, photos can be taken without a tripod, if the lighting conditions permit higher speeds.
In comparison, images turn out softer with a painterly, impressionists' character. Highlight are emphasized and appear with a dreamy halo-effect, while darker areas seem to be pushed into the background.
 With the Skink Pinhole Pancake installed, the Olympus Pen can be used either in automatic or manual mode. Both work fine and the camera's LCD screen shows a bright live view which makes image composition very easy.

link to ebay you may alsop search skink pinhole pancake in ebay