Friday, June 25, 2010

4 techniques to a more dramatic landscape photo

1. Use wide angle lens. Landscape photographers love to use wide angle lenses because of the wider coverage. Another reason is that wide angle lens tend to give the effect of greater distance from one element to another. A good lens range which I personally prefer would be around 18mm-24 mm on a 35mm camera (12mm-16mm on APS sized sensors)

2. Use the Golden hour. The golden hour or magic hour is a term used by phtoographers for the hour of sunrise or sunset. This is the best time to shoot for dramatic landscape because of the nice color in the sky and the overall warm tone of the scene.

3. Add filters. There are lots of different filters in the market. You put filters in front of your lens to create certain effects such making the afternoon sun like its a sunrise/sunset or changing the color of the sky from a pale blue to a more intense blue.

4. Use Long exposure. By setting you camera's shutter to a long exposure such as 1 second or longer, you create a very dreamy or a fantasy like effect. But please note that when using this technique you need to put your camera on a tripod.

Doug Blane