Sunday, June 27, 2010

Canon's in-camera HDR patent

Canon users will soon change the way they do High Dynamic Range (HDR) because of Canon's new patent application (see USPTO Appl. No. 12/630,594) to include an HDR in their cameras. HDR is the process of capturing several images using different exposures; under, recommended and over, then combine them using an editing software. HDR is done to achieve photos with better details on the highlight and shadow. Now this process can be done by the camera, yes! your Canon camera.
Compared to other cameras offering in-cam HDR, Canon has a better way of doing it and that is to alter the exposure at the pixel level, this means that (according to "the camera captures a preliminary image with normal exposure values and then evaluates the exposure level across the entire image. After creating an exposure map of the scene, the camera alters the exposure amount at the pixel level for the primary HDR image capture."