Sunday, June 27, 2010

Iphone 4 - the photographers phone

I'm not really a fan of Iphones but recently I heard that the new Iphone 4 has a decent 5mp camera and a lot of photographers and photo-bloggers like it . So I searched google and typed in "iphone 4 for photographers" and on top of the list was "iphone 4 photography: how does it perform as a camera - Boing Boing". I clicked it and found these images posted by Xeni Jardin using the iphone 4, no photoshop, no whatever editing.

close up of orchid

No zoom

Half way zoom

100 % zoom

My verdict...I would love to have one since on a normal day I am too lazy to bring my Canon g10 so this can serve as my snap camera, and judging by the images above except the ones that are digitally zoomed, ( this camera has 5x digital zoom. I hate digital zooms that's why I never used the feature) all are good and decent photos. I remember having a Sony with a 3mp camera, I used it to take a photo for a contest and printed out the shot at around 8x12 inches, the image came out good, so for sure this phone can come in handy for immediate snap needs.