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"Attyorapher" Raymond Fortun in Litartista's Slam book #1

from erron ocampo

Atty Raymond shares his passion to us through Litartista's slam book. The slam book is a new series of Litartista where pro photographers will be asked to answer photography related questions "slam book" way. I am very honored that Archie (Atty. Fortun's nickname) with his very busy scheduled found time to answer the questions I sent him through FB. Archie is one of today's most promising wedding photographers. With his...
very unique style his image can really capture your attention right away. I can bravely say that I have never seen a new photographer bring wedding photography to a different dimension; his lighting is dramatic and the way he plays with wedding bands and shoes are totally unique, Raymond's signature shots!I know you are all eager to read his profile so here it is (after the advertisement).


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Name. Raymond P.A. Fortun

Place of birth. Manila

Online gallery address.

Photographic age? (How long have you been INTO it?).  Since September 2007

What is photography?  It is a digital medium for reproducing reality as the artist sees it, or as his imagination fathoms it.

Favorite subject?  Everything in a wedding -- the couple, the solo bride, the wedding details, the happy people in a wedding.

What camera do you use?  Two (2) Canon 7d's; Canon 1000D converted into a special-enhanced infrared camera.

What is most used lens? Canon 17-55 f/2.8 IS

Aside from tripod, flash and laptop, what is your most important camera gadget? FlashWaves radio trigger and receiver.

What type of photography do you like? (portrait, food, street, landscape, wedding etc….) and why? Weddings.  It is the most difficult field to shoot because it requires the best cameras and lenses that can work best in low-light environments, it demands cat-quick reflexes coupled with rock-steady hand-holding mechanics when capturing stolen moments, and it necessitates being in good shape to withstand the rigours of a 12-hour shoot on a wedding day. Wedding photography requires a photographer to be adept in various disciplines -- portraitures, landscapes, street/events, and macro photography.
Who are your photography gods?  Everybody in the Camera Club of the Philippines, and the following wedding photographers -- Wally Gonzales, Lito Genilo, Lito Sy and Dino Lara.

Favorite composition technique?  Rule of Thirds, Framing

What is your most favorite place to shoot? Places with a lot of history -- Intramuros, Corregidor, old churches
The most stupid thing you did as a newbie? I erased a memory card without checking if I had uploaded the files to my hard disk.

Tips for newbies who want to be pro.  One, join a camera club.  You will get a lot of helpful ideas on how to improve your images simply by being exposed to the works, habits and stories of the experienced photographers; and Two, go out and shoot to gain experience and proficiency.

Archie, in one of my questions about marketing your photography business, has this to share.

Hi Jeff,

Your question is, "How do you market a photography business?"  Indeed, with the number of GOOD photographers around, including those who have established names in their respective industries, how CAN a new, albeit talented, photographer be known, make a name for himself, and earn in the process?

The answer is simple: to penetrate an established market, one needs to catch the proverbial "break".  JR and Arianne's (husband and wife team from Camera Club of the Philippines) "break" was having the opportunity to shoot Charice Pempengco. Others may catch their break by joining (and winning consistently in) photo contests.  Others may be known by sending their photos to newspapers or photography magazines and -- if they're lucky -- their pictures get printed out.  Others become known by being understudies of great photographers, and later setting out on their own.  From these "breaks", a photographer can now establish one's rates, using one's past works as basis in setting the price for one's service.

I got my first DSLR in September 2007.  After joining the Club, i applied as a wedding supplier at (an online community for brides and brides-to-be) .  I must admit that my name was a come-on, but i also knew that it wasn't enough -- i still had to produce acceptable, nay, superlative work to be noticed.  Weddings@Work featured me in an article, "From Pleadings to Weddings".  A bride got curious, and asked me to do her prenup shoot.  She was a pretty influential bride in the community, and she started raving about my work.  Thereafter, another bride tried me out, and then another, and then a couple more.  Before i knew it, i was getting swamped with emails, requesting for my services.

On 27th November 2009, and after just over a year of being in the wedding industry, i was voted as Wedding Supplier of the Year from among more than 300 wedding suppliers (photographers, videographers, gown designers, wedding coordinators, floral companies, lights and sounds etc.).
I don't join bridal fairs or pay for advertisements in wedding magazines.  It all started from just one "break" -- a bride trying me out, and then spreading the word.  Now, it has come to the point that i have to limit my shoots to twelve (12) a month and reducing it to eight (8) a month beginning 2011.  This is also the reason why i could not join any of the OTS shoots scheduled for this year -- i was always tied up in a wedding shoot on the OTS day (sigh!).

I hope the newbies can learn something from my experience.  Cheers.

P.S.  You can check out my work at http://raymond42n. multiply. com

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