Friday, July 16, 2010

How to start a photo booth business

Photo booth business is one of the most in demand businesses today. You wont miss them in children's parties, debut and even on weddings. Litrato photo booth owner Mark Javier was kind enough to answer the 10 questions about the basics of setting up the business.
I met him in one of the parties and I was really impressed with their set up, and that is also the reason why I hired them for my son's birthday.

I hope the following answers will give you a slight insight about the business.

 1. What made you decide to get into photobooth business
We saw a lot of photo booth companies who were charging high prices for sub par services. We decided to fill the void by offering a lower price for a more elegant looking booth and better quality prints.
2. How much capital is needed to set up a photobooth?
Since we use professional, high-end equipment the capital needed to set up a photo booth is around 250000. But if you settle for entry level equipment, 75000 to 100000 is sufficient.
3. What equipments do you need?
A dslr camera, studio lights, a printer, a computer, photo booth software, backdrop stand, and a booth to house your equipment.
4. Do you need to be a good photographer?
you just need to know the basics.
5. How do you market your business
Mostly through word of mouth.
6. With so many booths what makes you different from the rest?
Our booth design, our high-end equipment, our template designs, and our crazy low prices.
7. What kind of events do you participate in?
We will accommodate any kind of party or event.
8. What are your long term plans
To become a one stop shop for events and parties.
9.Do you have other businesses aside from this?
We're  in to advertising
10. What tips can you give to those who want to start the business
Do your research first, know your target market before you jump into the business. be passionate about it and be patient 

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